What is APA and why photographers should join it?

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Photography, especially as a profession, is a business like any other business and therefore a strong knowledge of what good practices in this business are is very essential for every photographer.  One resource that we believe every photographer should know about is American Photographic Artists or APA. In a nutshell, the goal of this organization is to establish, endorse, and promote professional practices, standards, and ethics in the photographic and advertising community.

There are a lot of benefits in joining them as they do a wide range of mentoring and educational activities but one that we particularly liked was their outstanding insurance program. Designed specifically for photographers, they have many packages to choose from that can be tailored fitted for your individual needs.

APA-insurance-programThey even offer insurance for Students! which you can click here if you are interested in more information on their insurance plans.

What’s more: Training

After joining APA you receive the APA business manual which includes a stack of helpful forms to help manage your business. This includes estimating guides, business forms which include estimate and invoice forms, model releases, property releases, assistant invoices, guides on copyright protection. The list is endless and so important to maintain and uphold your work in today’s market!  It’s important to always operate your photography business in the most ethical way.

APA offers endless help in aiding photographers to maintain these practices. They even have a Find an Assistant board where you can list yourself to be considered by a professional photographer for possible work opportunities. What’s even more interesting they have an Assistant Basic Training ! A two day workshop includes getting real world answers from actual professional assistants to hands on training. Hone your skills so you can increase your chances at working for that photographer you’ve always dreamed of working for!

How about discounts

APA also offers products discounts on companies such as Agency Access, Apple, Adobe, Dripbook, Livebooks, Photoshelter and BlinkBid. And you get discounted or free admission to all APA events!

And if this isn’t enough, what APA really does is it gives us photographers a sense of community. Of course it’s better to have few buddies in your neighborhood who are also interested in photography compared to a virtual community but at least with APA there is a place to get that help from a broad group of amateurs as well as pros!

Not having a strong business sense, especially when you are a newcomer, can hurt your business. Hopefully by joining APA you will not make the same mistakes many young photographers make.

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